Here are a few photos taken during construction.  There are a number of before and after shots as well some individual photos showing various stages of projects.  These are not finished photos but rather a visual glimpse into the process that doesn't usually show up during the final photo shoot.

Custom Master Shower

Here at OBI we are big fans of the Schluter/Kerdi waterproofing system for our tile assemblies This both allows a seamless transition to the adjoining walls but is light and the best waterproofing possible!

Here at OBI we are big fans of the Schluter/Kerdi waterproofing system for our tile assemblies This both allows a seamless transition to the adjoining walls but is light and the best waterproofing possible!

Here is the same shower all finished!!

Here is the same shower all finished!!


Getting ready for a master bedroom and master bathroom addition and adding a deck to the living room above.

Framing in mostly steel!

Starting to close it up.


Close to completion


This is how we started.


A complicated layout.


Concrete pour just about done.

Framing has begun.



Finally a beautifull Kitchen!


Getting ready to start!


Completly demolished at this point!


Almost done! final photos coming soon


Every part of this house had been neglected for many years but had great bones and character and only needed a little TLC... which we were happy to provide.


We LOVE this kind of restoration!


Both balconies are built and ready for stucco.  Finished product also has glass guardrails looking over the yard.

Ready to enjoy!!

The old garage was partially gone already.  We helped it come down completely and replaced it with a new studio complete with storage!

Now a nice place to work and that is a new sliding door built by OBI hiding a closet space for outdoor gardening equipment.

Existing kitchen in need of a facelift.  see below for updated version.


Much improved :)

We removed this existing window, built an additions below, added a new door and milled and installed new trim to match. see below!

After a lot of custom woodwork we were able to carefully remove the existing window and replace it with a door to a new balcony.  All gumwood was milled, installed and finished by OBI


An old garage on the verge of falling down.

From an old garage to a new cottage with a separate bathroom.  A perfect place for guests to stay.


From an old brick fireplace tucked into a corner.


To a custom bookcase with an eating bar open to the kitchen.


Soon to be open to the living room.

We found lots of surprises when this wall came down.  From unexpected and poorly done plumbing and heating to lots of hidden wires there were a lot of issues to solve.


In the end you would never remember what we found during demo.

Custom shelving for storage and entertainment center

Soon to be 3 nice skylights in the master bedroom


This is a reclaimed Hawaiian tree trunk called Ohi'a.  Our clients fell in love with it and with input from the engineer we were able to use this as the structural post at the bottom of the staircase.

Here is the Ohi'a post installed and finished.  this took a bit of custom work to structurally attach but it sure looks good now!

Sustainably harvested bamboo and a water base finish. No off gassing!

This custom countertop is made from a reclaimed piece of hard leaf maple.  milled. glued up and finished with a water base finish.


This is the original but modern was the new desired look.


This was not good.

A new modern gas fireplace with a custom metal cover, venetian plaster surround and a new hearth.

A new driveway with concrete steps that will have a green border around them.  Complete photos of the finished project will be up soon.

A custom entertainment center tucked underneath the existing stairs.


Finished and in use!

This loft space in Oakland had a very small bathroom and attached closet.  

Here is an in-process shot of the same space.  Very challenging at the design called for the glass to look like it was coming out of the tile.  We ended up installing all the glass first, then protecting it and tiling up to it.  Not our normal sequence but the result was worth it!

The finished product includes an electric shade that comes down in front of the glass wall for privacy when needed.

You can see the rest of the photos for this project on the home page under "Tile & Glass"

The original kitchen in our Rockridge remodel

Framing stage of the master bath in our Rockridge remodel