We have taken our cumulative experience and feedback from the last 20+ years and are using it to combine our excellent craftsmanship with precise time management and clear communication.  This experience lets us build a very high quality project at a great value.


Our management system is built into our everyday process with a qualified project lead being on the project every day from start to finish. This saves the project both time and money while ensuring that we maintain our excellent craftsmanship.  The support of our office is never far behind as a strong presence is maintained on every project.

Preparation and advance planning are keys to a well managed project. You can count on us to do this very well.


Careful management of time not only affects the duration of the project but also the overall cost.  At Oliver Builders we take each day very seriously.  We understand that each and every day that we are working on your home is a day that you, our client, is inconvenienced. 

Clients can also help to play a major role in the construction project. The minimum is to make the necessary decisions in a timely fashion. Most clients play a larger role and want cost comparisons, opinions and advice. Some even want to help. At Oliver Builders, we have done projects with varying levels of client involvement. If budget is the main concern, we can help with the decision making process while keeping it fast, simple, and economical. If there are complicated decisions to make, our experience will help with that as well. 


With commitment to excellence as our highest standard, we rely on a few key components to build trust in our relationship.  We implement clear communication, team collaboration and total transparency in every aspect of our company.  We feel that our process will  help us build to a budget, stay within a well thought out schedule and in the end build you, our client a great project while also building a strong relationship.

We work for YOU!